Liberal Democrats – Hertfordshire Six to Fix

Here is the full details of the Six to Fix issues the LibDems will address. You can download from Full Hertfordshire Six to Fix Document

Great Ashby – Possible Round Diamond Lollipop Person

Great Ashby – Possible Round Diamond Lollipop Person

Shool Sign Resized Children Crossing Resized

After many years of campaigning to provide a safe crossing the children across Great Ashby Way on their route to the Round Diamond JMI School, there is now a real possibility of a Lollipop crossing person being appointed to address this urgent need.

Campaigns have been led by concerned parents, district councillors and community councils, which has resulted in a feasibility study being conducted in 2015 by Hertfordshire County Council and sponsored by Tony Hunter our County Councillor.

Confirmation and commencement of Lollipop service will be reported in our next edition of Focus, however in the meantime I would welcome your views.