My Campaign and Pledge

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Campaign and Communication Commitments

Hi, as well as being a Great Ashby Community Councillor, I have lived in Great Ashby for over 10 years.

The reasons why I am passionate about standing for NCDC Chesfield Ward this May, is that if I am successful, I will work with and support Sal, to promote/fight for pleasant, fairer and practical communities within Little Wymondley, Great Wymondley, Graveley, Jacks Hill, Great Ashby, Titmore Green, Lower Titmore Green, Redcoats Green, Todds Green and of course Chesfield hamlet. I will pursue in all cases a balanced and pragmatic way respecting the important issues of the day.

 I will actively campaign, in the Chesfield Ward, to:

  • Retain the Green Belt
  • Local Plan: A Fair, Reasonable and Sustainable Number of New Homes
  • An Increase Primary and Secondary School Places
  • Safety of School Children at Busy Road Crossings
  • Fight to Retain or Reinstate a Reliable and Frequent Bus Service
  • Secure a Local Health Centre Facilities
  • Tackle the Growing Litter Issue
  • Within Great Ashby a Long Overdue Public House
  • Lorry Turning Issue in Little Wymondley
  • Traffic Issues through Great Wymondley
  • Support and Promote Youth Clubs and Youth Activities
  • Protect and Maintenance of our public bridleway and footpath network
  • Include Tilekiln and Parsonsgreen Woods within the Managed Walkways in Great Ashby
  • Work and Coordinate with Stevenage Borough Council
  • Promote Planning Controls on HMO’s with 6 or Less Occupants

Communication Commitment

I will commit to giving each individual an open opportunity to contact me via my website, email, phone or social media pages.

In addition, I pledge to hold a surgery once per month.

Canvassing With Sal

I will be canvassing door to door, with Sal and supporters in Little Wymondley, Great Wymondley, Graveley, Great Ashby and Jacks Hill, to as many homes as possible to introduce myself and ask about your concerns and views.


Meeting with Head Teacher Zoë Phillips, Round Diamond School

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I had a great meeting with Head Teacher Zoë Phillips at the Round Diamond School this morning. Zoë gave me a guided tour and I was very impressed. It was nice to see so many young happy faces and that goes for the teachers too. 🙂
We discussed issues relating to the school, these were:

The Beacon Bus Stop Shelter Screening.

In the age we live in and due to the photographic/video capability of modern smartphones, people who are waiting in the Beacons bus shelter pointing their phone in direction of the school are in a position to take photos/video of the children. This has increasingly caused, especially outside of the perimeter hedge growing season, members of staff having to approach potential offenders and instruct them of the risk for the school. Possible solutions will be pursued.

All users of The Beacons Bus Stop shelter should be aware if the children are at play outside that care should be taken not to point a smartphone in the direction of the children from the bus stop or any other part of the school perimeter for that matter.

Great Ashby Way School Crossing

A Great Ashby Way school crossing is urgently needed. In conjunction with Cllr Tony Hunter NHDC/HCC, Great Ashby Community Council are 50% funding a crossing feasibility study. It is hoped that this study will result in an acceptable proposal for a safe crossing for children and adults.

Parking on School ZigZag Lines

There is an issue where parents are parking on the school zigzag lines at drop-off and pick-up times. PCSO’s assisted once with enforcement, whilst they were there to address a disturbance, when they wrote out some parking tickets, which resulted in a reduced of offenders for a while . I have undertaken to liaise with our PCSO team to see if they are able to help enforce no parking on a regular basis to deter offenders.

20 MPH Zone around the School on Great Ashby Way

After a few incidents the need to slow speeding, especially eastbound traffic on Great Ashby Way, would enhance child safety. A proposal to pursue a 20 MPH zone around the school on Great Ashby Way, Whitehorse Lane and Mendip Way, will be investigated.

School Signs to Have Timed Flashing Lights

Again in the interest of child safety, a proposal to upgrade the present signs on Great Ashby Way,Mendip Way and Whitehouse Lane to signs that have 4 flashing lights, which operate during drop-off and pick-up times. This will draw much more attention to drivers during these key times.

Space Constraints in Present School Buildings

Zoë demonstrated the acute teaching space shortage issue to me. The school has already made representations to HCC, Additionally, I will engage with HCC to discuss and promote additional class space to meet the needs of the school.
PS Thanks to Duty Head Simon Horleston for taking the picture for this post.